A disorganized and unclean workspace negatively impacts your employees. It decreases their productivity and is a source of discomfort. To make sure that employees are working at their optimal potential and their health is not at risk, thorough commercial cleaning services are essential. However, to make sure that you hire the right commercial cleaning contractor, here’s a list of questions that you must ask your service provider before hiring.

What Kind of Commercial Cleaning Services Do You Offer?

Inspecting the cleaning contractor about their services will not only tell you about their expertise but will also help you figure out their professionalism in this field of work. Moreover, you can even ask them if they offer tailored services according to your business requirements. Make sure you know beforehand what they can or can’t offer!

What Are Your Charges?

After inquiring about their services, the next big question that arises is ‘How much do they charge for it?’ Their fee should be worth the quality of services. Asking about their rates initially will help you make up your mind before discussing the rest. If the services don’t fit your budget, there’s no point in prolonging the negotiation. There’s nothing better for a business than receiving high-quality services at budget-friendly rates, therefore, never hesitate while asking for any discounts, etc. A cleaner from a commercial cleaning facility disinfecting appliances

What is Your Employee Screening Procedure?

Finally, the most important question you must ask them is about their employee screening procedure. You must ensure that the cleaners are trained and disciplined enough to not harm your business confidentiality and reputation. A reputable company always goes through the records of their hiring staff to make sure there no one has a criminal background. Always hire staff that works best for your company’s interest and perform a personality test on them to ensure that they’re mentally and physically fit to work for your company. If you’re looking for affordable and detailed commercial cleaning services in Chicago, reach out to The Tidy Queens. We’re a women-owned commercial cleaning contractor that offers a wide range of commercial cleaning services that are tailored to your business needs and requirements. Moreover, our highly professional staff is trained to keep things confidential between businesses. Contact us now!