Green cleaning means using eco-friendly cleaning supplies, equipment, and practices. At the moment, there may not be that many green office cleaning companies near you that offer this service, but they are definitely the future of janitorial services. Here’s why you should recruit green commercial cleaning services for your workplace.

1. Public Image

Hiring green commercial building cleaning services shows you care about your employees and their working environment. As more of your staff spread the word, the word on the street about you becomes increasingly positive. When you gain respect, you gain credibility, which is not only good for your public image but also attracts like-minded clients.

2. Safety

You may want to employ the services of a green cleaning company if you’ve had employees complain about the products used by your current service. They could be using regular cleaning agents that are known for causing,  
  • Irritation in the eyes and throat.
  • Headaches
  • Short-term and long-term illnesses
  So, spare yourself and your staff the grief, and solicit the services of a green cleaning company because they use natural solutions and eco-friendly products.   An Aisle Between Two Rows of Ocean-Blue Office Cubicles

3. Employee Productivity

One of the many factors that affect employee productivity includes indoor air quality. By establishing policies that keep out smoke, fumes, dust particles, and other pollutants, you can increase the productivity of your staff by up to 60%. Since you stand to gain from your workforce, it’s of the utmost importance that you ensure their physical and mental health through green cleaning services.

4. Efficiency

When you work with our janitorial cleaning service, you get cleaners trained in detecting and solving minor cleaning issues, thereby preventing them from turning into a bigger issue later on. By hiring our services frequently, you can save what you pay on maintenance and inflated utility bills brought about by clogged shafts and vents.

Support Eco-Cleaning with a Black-Owned Janitorial Cleaning Service in Chicago

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