Running a business is undoubtedly one of the most occupying and chaotic tasks one can set out to do. It involves a lot of paperwork and files that you need to go through every day, which can result in a messy workstation. If you’re the kind of person who doesn’t like to declutter or organize things daily, your office desk will become a mess. You might think how disorganized things will impact your business negatively, but they do. Did you know that around 34% of people voted against a messy office while going in for an interview? These people didn’t care about the job because the first impression of the workplace was very underwhelming.

How Does a Messy Office Impact Your Business?

You might be surprised but a clean office is a priority for most people. Even a poorly dressed workforce, lack of facilities, outdated décor, etc., all pale in comparison to a messy office. Having a clean work environment is a crucial aspect for all those who’re seeking a job. A messy office room that needs detailed commercial cleaning services in Naperville1

People Will Think You’re Crazy

Anyone who encounters a messy workplace will think the people who work there are all crazy. Researchers from the University of Michigan divided 160 participants into two groups. One group had to examine a messy and dirty office whereas, another group had to examine a perfectly clean room. Both the groups had to rate the office in terms of personality traits like conscientiousness, social grace, neuroticism, and openness. After the results were evaluated, it was found out that the ones who ranked the messy office thought that the person running the business was less conscientious, less hardworking, less socially able, but more neurotic.

You Don’t Value Your Products or Services

If you think that having your things all over the workstation will give the impression that you’re very hardworking and engrossed in your work, you’re mistaken. For instance, if clients visit your office and observe how mismanaged and disorganized things are, they’ll automatically start judging your services and/or products. They’ll form a very negative impression of your business, because if you can’t manage your own business efficiently, how do you expect others to trust theirs’ with you? If you’re looking for professional and detailed commercial cleaning services in Chicago, reach out to The Tidy Queens. We’re a women-owned commercial cleaning contractor that is committed to offering top-notch commercial cleaning services at budget-friendly prices. Contact us now!