There are two distinct types of professional cleaning services—commercial cleaning and residential cleaning. There are a few significant differences between the two. These cleaning solutions are used for different types of buildings/facilities. Let’s check out what makes a commercial cleaning service different from a residential one.

Commercial Cleaning

In simple words, commercial cleaning is carried out by professional commercial cleaning contractors who use state-of-art technology and top-notch cleaning solutions to disinfect and sanitize various commercial buildings such as offices, medical and healthcare facilities, and schools. Commercial cleaning companies consist of trained, experienced, and knowledgeable workers who use specialized technologies and work tactics to provide their clients with exceptional services while adhering to stringent safety standards. Apart from this, commercial cleaning companies use eco-friendly cleaning products and green cleaning methods. These environmentally-friendly products and techniques reduce your carbon footprint and the negative environmental impact while positively affecting people working conditions. Then there is the fact that the companies providing commercial cleaning services are mainly insured and bonded. This means that in case of any damage caused by them during the job will be covered by them only and will not fall on the shoulders of the customer or client. For instance, if a carpet is stained because the cleaning solution used wasn’t suitable, a bonded and insured cleaning company, will undertake the responsibility for compensating; else, with uninsured companies, this damage is the client’s problem. In short, a commercial cleaning service provider is needed for a commercial, medical, or any other specialty facility. Commercial cleaners should possess more than the generalized know-how required to protect the safety of the employees and the visitors.

Residential Cleaning

A residential cleaner cleaning the kitchen with a broom As the name implies, homeowners use residential cleaning services. The technology used, the training received, and the cleaning processes used vary from provider to provider and from case to case. Quite a few residential cleaners use their own devices and store-bought cleaning supplies, which usually contain harmful chemicals that adversely affect the health of homeowners. Store-bought cleaning solutions are cheaper than the green alternatives used by commercial cleaners. Because of this, the quality of cleaning can also differ substantially between residential and commercial cleaning. Then there is the issue with insurance and bonding. For residential cleaners, be it a stand-alone cleaner or a residential cleaning company, they aren’t required to be insured. This means that the cost of accidental damages falls on the client or the customer.

Have You Made A Decision Yet?

Now that you know the difference between the two cleaning services – commercial and residential you need to make the right commercial cleaning service provider. Before hiring a service provider, ask yourself: what am I hiring them for? What matters to me? With The Tidy Queens, you don’t have to worry about that at all. Hire us for all your commercial cleaning needs. If you have any questions about commercial cleaning services or what they involve, contact our team of professionals straight away.