50 million Americans currently suffer from some form of allergy. Pollen can bring about an allergic reaction in many individuals as well and induce rhinorrhea, coughing, and other symptoms. Almost every office and commercial setting has employees that suffer from one or more of these allergic conditions. To keep these and all other workers safe from allergens, companies need to schedule office building cleaning before the spring season. Here are some important tips that make spring cleaning easier in every professional facility.

1. Use Multiple Doormats

The use of Doormats can help trap excess dirt and debris from entering the indoors of an office. Place one doormat outside and one inside entrance at your office to reduce the amount of mud and dust that might be entering your commercial facility.

2. Get the Windows Cleaned

The right time for window cleaning is when the sunlight is fading away. Washing windows and other glass surfaces under the direct heat of the sun can cause streaking and scratches on the surface. Hire an office maid service near your location and let them do this job with caution and care.

3. Kitchen Cleaning

The kitchen is the most likely place for fungal or bacterial growth in an office. Any infection can spread from one to multiple employees through the common office kitchen. Conduct regular cleaning of the refrigerator, coffee machine, and every other appliance in your office kitchen. This can help save your employees from allergic reactions during spring. An empty office

 4. Don’t Forget the Walls

Floors aren’t the only place where dust deposits. Walls can attract dust, pollen, and many other allergy-inducing particles that must be cleaned regularly.

5. Use the Right Products

Many industrial cleaning products are not safe to be used in the presence of employees. Take the help of a commercial building cleaning service that uses authentic and non-hazardous cleaning products to keep your office clean throughout spring.

6. De-Clutter the Facility

Books and files can accumulate large amounts of dust and can make cleaning more difficult. The Tidy Queens Corporation can facilitate an office or a factory re-arrange and de-clutter their work setting and clean every corner of any harmful allergic substances. The detailed commercial cleaning services offered by the company provide allergy patients with an environment that is filtered for all toxins and allergy-causing agents.