In educational institutions, cleanliness plays a vital role in improving student performance. Facility cleaning is not just about picking up small messes here and there. However, it includes cleaning every nook and corner on a greater level. For schools in Chicago, janitorial cleaning services include cleaning everything from classrooms, hallways, and gyms to student cafeterias. A clean institutional setting means healthy and productive students. To better understand the impact of a clean environment on student performance, check out the list compiled by The Tidy Queens.

Improper Cleaning Is Harmful

According to the American Lung Association, some cleaning supplies are dangerous because of the harsh chemicals. Chemical-infused cleaning supplies can cause students' health and breathing issues, such as respiratory problems, allergic reactions, and headaches. An educational institute or school should hire commercial cleaning contractors that meet the approved commercial cleaning standards. Any cleaning supplies used should be biodegradable, non-toxic, and have no VOC. The students' health won't be negatively impacted. At The Tidy Queens, we use eco-friendly and green cleaning products to ensure students' cleaner and safer learning environment.

Fewer Sick Students

When it comes to school-going kids—coughing and sneezing in hallways and classes while simultaneously touching doorknobs, desks, and food—it’s crucial to constantly maintain a clean environment. A clean learning environment with frequent cleaning means fewer sick students and lower absenteeism.

More Effective Learning

Two students studying happily together Learning institutions need to be kept clean and tidy at all times, like a dirty and unkempt learning environment can harm the whole student learning experience. When the learning environment is clean, sanitized, and tidy, students can concentrate on their studies instead of everything else. A clean environment means healthy teachers, and they mean few absences. Fewer teachers being sick or absent means that a student's day isn't wasted idling around instead of learning something new.

Hire a Professional Facility Cleaning Service Now

At The Tidy Queens, we understand just how important it is for the students not to get sick. Check us out at The Tidy Queens if you need are professional facility cleaning service. The cleaning standards we use are designed to keep educational institutions and schools in mind. With The Tidy Queens’ green cleaning services, your students stay well-protected. Contact us to learn how we can help keep your environment clean and improve student productivity.