According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 1 out of every 25 hospitalized patients in America is affected by Healthcare-Associated Infections (HAI). With the influx of COVID-19 cases and the new Deltacron variant in the picture, the odds of getting sick via HAI are pretty high. Because of this alarming situation, the need for best hygiene practices in healthcare facilities has sky-rocketed. Here we will be discussing some hygiene tips for healthcare facilities in America, starting with the all-time top hygiene tip, which is hand hygiene.

Hand Hygiene – Let’s Not Shake Them

Many diseases and infections that transmit through the hands contribute significantly to HAIs where in-patient hospital care is concerned. Hand sanitization can substantially reduce infection rates in medical offices and high-risk areas in healthcare facilities such as intensive care units. Patients are put at risk when the healthcare personnel doesn’t follow the required hand hygiene practices and start caring for patients with contaminated hands. These informal caregivers and healthcare workers should decontaminate their hands using alcohol-based preparations, medicated soap, or antiseptic hand washes. The caregivers must sanitize their hands before and after they come into direct contact with a patient’s skin, food, or dressing. A responsible healthcare facility provider should also hire commercial cleaning contractors like The Tidy Queens to disinfect all the high-touch areas in a healthcare facility to reduce the risk of hand transmitted infectious diseases.

Respiratory Hygiene – Kill Infections Not Humans

A gloved hand holding an N95 mask Also referred to as cough etiquette are infection-prevention measures used to limit the transmission of airborne pathogens. Before COVID-19, almost all Americans, apart from the healthcare providers, were unaware of the importance of masks and the need to protect those around them. With COVID-19 everywhere, we already have a general idea about the importance of masks. Apart from wearing masks, other respiratory hygiene tips include:
  • Tissue provision and hands-free waste disposal in the waiting area.
  • Hand sanitizing stations are conveniently placed every few feet.
  • Space the seats in the waiting area appropriately.
At The Tidy Queens, we provide facility management services in addition to janitorial cleaning services to take these respiratory hygiene tips into account.

Environmental Hygiene – Germs, Germs Go Away

Environmental hygiene is what we at The Tidy Queens specialize in. Contaminated surfaces continue to be the primary transmitting source of infectious diseases. While managing environmental hygiene, healthcare facilities need to take the following things into account such as;
  • HVAC systems – clean airflow, better filtration, pre-determined temperature, and humidity levels.
  • Air purifiers in each room for localized airborne pathogen control.
  • High-risk spot cleaning – walls, elevators, door handles, etc.
  • PPE suits

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Patients and their caregivers will appreciate a healthcare facility that follows the best hygiene practices. At The Tidy Queens, we are confident in our professional, experienced, and skilled janitorial cleaning services for your healthcare facility. Get in touch with us to get your healthcare facility cleaned by professionals.