Your office bathroom may be the dirtiest to you, but do you know that there are even dirtier places than that? These places spread germs and bacteria the most because they often get overlooked. Even if your office may seem really clean, there's bacteria and dirt hidden in some places. According to an ATP reading:
  • Sink faucet handles are 91% dirty
  • Computer keyboards are 69%
  • Microwave handles are 80%
  • Computer mouse are 51%
  • Coffee pots are 48%
  • Desk office phones are 51%
  • Vending machines are 43%
Here are some places that are the dirtiest in your office:

Work Kitchen

The kitchen in your office has tons of bacteria and germs in it. This is where all the employees of your office come to eat. The counters and the tables may seem clean, but what about the sink where you wash your hands? Or the fridge handle that everybody touches? And the coffee machine? Germs love to hide in such places. You may want to touch these places with a tissue or sanitize your hands afterward. person squeezing out sanitizer from a bottle


Office employees spent all day sitting at their computers. The computer and the keyboard have the highest level of bacteria present compared to any other place. The keyboard is touched, sneezed on, eaten on, and so much more. Your workstation is basically where germs have the most opportunity to build up.

Office Tools

Tools like calculators, telephones, remotes, tablets, cell phones, paper, pens, etc., are most prone to germs and bacteria because they exchange multiple hands. An office is a place that is filled with invisible germs. These germs are hard to track down. Therefore, it's best to always keep wipes or sanitizers with you at all times. This can reduce your exposure to germs and protect you from any major diseases. The Tidy Queens is a woman-owned cleaning service facility that serves to keep your office spotless and germ-free. Our main goal is to provide you with a janitorial service in Chicago that's made just for you. Keeping your business clean is our duty, and we will deliver the best services.