A professional commercial cleaning contractor not only helps in cleaning the office but also sets a lasting impression on clients and helps create a productive ambiance for employees. Speaking of impressions and ambiance, both can be achieved by investing in cleaning services that meet the high cleanliness standards of a commercial office. Here’s a list of ways that can tell if your commercial cleaning contractor is offering the desired outcome that can satisfy both your clients and employees.

No Dust or Dirt When You Place Your Finger Anywhere

Although no one deliberately examines the furniture or door to check if it has any dust particles, it can indicate poor management or an unsanitary work environment if anyone does notice. Moreover, when you’re paying a large amount to a cleaning facility, you must ensure that they’ve done the job correctly. Here’s a list of places you must look over once the cleaning services are carried out.
  • Entrance Door
  • Reception
  • Workstations
  • Rest Room
  • Trash Cans
These are all those places that a client or an employee usually visits or lays their eyes upon. You can either observe or simply put a fingertip to check if the cleaning service has done its job right or if they’re leaving anything behind. A woman from a women-owned janitorial cleaning service offering detailed commercial cleaning

Professional & Well-Trained Team

If you think cleaning is an easy task that doesn’t require much training, you’re mistaken. There’s a vast difference between regular cleaning and professional cleaning. Professional cleaning involves the knowledge of how to clean specific areas with attention to detail, training of safe chemical usage, and knowing which products are suitable for which area. Professional and well-trained staff have a strategic and organized approach to their cleaning work.

Consistency in Work Quality

The most identifiable feature of a professional cleaner is that their quality of work stays consistent throughout. Their standards do not decline with time and they offer the same level of services regardless of how much time has passed. If you’re looking for professional and detailed commercial cleaning services in Chicago, reach out to The Tidy Queens. We’re a women-owned commercial cleaning contractor that takes pride in ‘leaving no spot untouched’ to ensure the protection and cleanliness of our clients' businesses. Contact us now!