Hardwood floors bring an element of magnificence to any place and pair well with almost all styles of décor. These floors can be expensive to install and can only last multiple years if taken care of adequately. Places that experience extremity in weather around the year subject these floors to deterioration most often. Replacement of hardwood floors can be avoided with the help of appropriate maintenance methods, some of which are discussed below.

1. Keep Moisture Away

Leaving a spill on your hardwood floors for longer than a few minutes might have a lasting impact on its surface. Wood can get weaker with prolonged exposure to moisture and might undergo gapping. Use of wet or steam mops is never recommended on a hardwood floor. Make a habit of keeping any type of wet surface away from your hardwood floors. Additionally, set the thermostat to a temperature between 60 and 80 Fahrenheit to avoid excess moisture build-up in your hardwood floors. Take the help of janitorial companies in Chicago to clean your hardwood floors with the right cleaning products and tools.

2. Invest in Furniture Pads

Heavy couches, coffee tables, and other furniture can leave your precious hardwood floors with ugly scratches. Placing furniture pads under all the furniture’s legs will help you avoid this problem easily.

3. Dust your Floors Daily  

Dust build-up between your floorboards can tarnish the beauty of your floors over time. Especially in a place with regular outside visitors, dirt and mud need to be swept off daily. If you notice debris accumulating between your hardwood floorboards, hire janitorial cleaning services in Chicago and get this job done professionally.   Cleaning hardwood floors  

4. Vacuum Regularly

Sweeping alone is not enough to keep your hardwood floors in optimal condition. Making a habit of getting your floors vacuumed daily can save you from any costly repairs down the line.

5. Use Wood Cleaning Products

Wood Cleaners are specifically designed to clean wooden surfaces without causing any damage. Use these cleaners once a month and avoid the use of ordinary floor cleaners instead. The Tidy Queens Corporation is a women-owned janitorial cleaning service that provides its clients with premium quality cleaning for every type of flooring. The company employs dedicated cleaners that leave no spots uncleaned in your office or any other commercial site and help with the regular maintenance of the flooring.