This may come as a surprise, but creating a commercial cleaning schedule has numerous benefits for a company. It impacts the work quality of the employees and improves the productivity of the business. With a detailed schedule, employees can’t make up excuses for something that is already marked as done in the schedule. It sets clear expectations and helps make evaluation and examination easier. Besides that, a detailed cleaning schedule keeps you aware of the supplies. You know which products need to be restocked or where they’ve been used. Any demands for new equipment are met easily as well. Implementing a commercial cleaning schedule works best for your office as well as your employees. Here’s a list of ways you can keep the office clean easier.

Plan Out Daily Cleaning Tasks

First, plan cleaning tasks daily. This checklist must include all the things that are required to keep the main areas of the office clean and tidy. All the employees should be responsible for the daily tasks. These tasks can include disinfecting surfaces, throwing away trash, emptying trash cans, cleaning food crumbs and coffee rings. To enforce these tasks more religiously, you can hang the daily cleaning checklist in the bathroom. Moreover, you must figure out what the motivational factors of your employees are and then can allot them rewards for fulfilling daily tasks efficiently. A man writing on a notebook that involves a checklist for a commercial cleaning contractor

Give Weekly Instructions to The Employees

There are some cleaning requirements that don’t need daily attention, but they can’t be delayed for more than a week either. For instance, throwing away rotting food items from the common fridge, cleaning windows from outside, polishing furniture, and disinfecting trash cans can't be delayed. Create a cleaning list of each employee assigned one task for every week.

Plan Out an Annual Thorough Cleaning

Besides having a daily and weekly cleaning schedule, your office must require detailed commercial cleaning services once a year. This thorough cleaning helps employees feel rejuvenated and energized, given that a professional carries it out. If you’re looking for a women-owned cleaning facility in Chicago, reach out to The Tidy Queens. We’re working together with residents and local businesses to serve detailed commercial cleaning services at competitive rates. Our team is trained to meet your offices’ exterior and interior cleaning needs. Contact us now!